Marcello Carriero
Mob. +39 340 7709786

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Born in Rome in 1979, he started to draw at nursery school using felt-tips, reaching first prestigious awards.

Some years later, after several animation experiences like the introductory shorts of Test di Elisir (the “Osvaldo” serial cartoon broadcasted on Rai Tre – one of the three public TV station) and a number of video assembling for the Johnson & Johnson Company, Marcello understood that his great passion is the simple pencil, the only tool which allows him to shape his fantasy and emotions. And so, at that time, he met Giorgio Di Vita, a famous Disney drawer, for whom Marcello began to work as background drawer for a lot of Topolino (Mickey Mouse), Paperino (Donald Duck) e Paperinik comics stories, learning the technical way, the style and all of the feature and nature aspects of each one of the Disney characters.

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Started from the bottom, his diligence and efforts has been awarded by publications of some of its illustrations on the cover of several journal mast-heads. But his biggest satisfaction – that is also his work at the moment – consists of the creation of the script, the drawings ad the lay out of the Superpippo (Super Goofy) comics – game cartoons, which are published in the periodical Disney riddle magazine. During these last years, Marcello is interested in Warner Bros world too and his production includes Tom & Jerry, Sylvester and Tweety and the Baby Looney Tunes characters.

But his passion for drawing goes beyond, creating and defining a one’s own style and generating a series of personal characters, most appreciated from publishers. At the present Marcello ventures for its own in the job world as freelance, cooperating with some of the most important Italian publishing society. Put the felt-tips away, Marcello draws whit pencils, inks and “virtual” chalks now.